Web-comic responsive site

Blogger-based responsive site template showcasing a single comic per day.

Cartoon cat chewing on Sydney Opera House

Universe of Home is an ongoing webcomic about a cat, that required a unique approach to templating. Blogger allows for full CSS customisation on a free account, making it a suitable platform for experimental and one-off creative projects with minimal long-term budgets.

Much of this project involved stripping away all unnecessary information from the standard templates, essentially hiding the blogging platform. Each individual page is a blog post, with date/time information hidden, and the next and prev and custom CSS arrow buttons simply navigate through a single post per day. This minimalist template is responsive, with About section and Author info displaying well in desktop and mobile screen sizes.

While the template was specifically customised for the Universe of Home, it is easily ported to any other Blogger site.

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Tasks included:

  • Planning & implementation
  • HTML & CSS design
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Illustration

Children’s author video blog and type design

Video production, editing and type design for two video blogs with children’s author Paul Jennings.

The client brief was to produce two informal video blogs for Paul Jennings in anticipation of the release of his new novel, Don’t Look Now. Paul is a very natural storyteller, so the project involved setting up a comfortable environment in his studio, with two unobtrusive cameras, so that he could tell his stories in his own way.

Over two days at his country residence, we shot several hours of interview to go into his archives, and cut together two video-blog entries for his website and vimeo & youtube pages.

To frame the video pieces, I hand designed a child-like font to open the videos and provide a motion-text outro promoting his website. This was initially drawn on paper, then scanned and manipulated in Type 3.2 to build a one-off Truetype font.

Finally, I completed the website title motion graphic treatment in After Effects and we cut together the videos in Premiere before delivering the final videos for upload.

Tasks included:

  • Project management
  • Video production
  • Camera operation
  • Editing & colour correction
  • Type & motion-text design
  • Encoding and delivery
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Type 3.2 Font Editor

Band website, CD & cover design, online presence

Design and dedicated website for Melbourne indie-folk band Sometimes She Sings and the release of the Warmsounds EP in 2010.

The project began with a photo taken by the singer-songwriter, which was used as a basis for the CD and cover design and dedicated website in anticipation of an EP launch.

I used the colours and style of the photo to guide a design treatment that spread across cover design, poster design for the launch, and the band’s website, which also featured pencil drawings by the songwriter. I built the band’s website on the Blogger platform, which at the time provided a simple and cheap platform that the band could easily update when needed, without ongoing costs.

I also oversaw the design and project management of the digital and CD release of Warmsounds, providing a replication-ready master ISO copy of the EP, CD and cover design, and managed digital assets and upload for the iTunes launch via Tunecore, and for triple J unearthed, facebook, and myspace profiles.

Listen to Warmsounds

Tasks included:

  • Website development, CD & cover design
  • Branding and flyer design
  • Digital asset management & online release
  • Preparation of master ISO for replication
  • Online profile setup and maintenance

Theatre company promotional video

Motion graphic design, editing and authoring of promotional DVD for independent theatre company Theatre in Decay.

In 2006, I produced a promotional DVD for Theatre in Decay to hand out to delegates at the Australian Performing Arts Market in Adelaide.

Frustrated with the state of professional theatre at the time, Theatre in Decay was founded on the idea of creating immediate, rough and impulsive text-based shows in site specific locations, small bars, theatres and unusual venues. Their punk rock and experimental aesthetic called for a kinetic video treatment. To give conference delegates an immediate taste of what the company was all about, I was tasked with producing a 35 second teaser, built on clips from their 24 shows to date.

I trawled through their archives and collected a ramshackle bunch of clips that showcased their sheer imagination and Brechtian approach to their craft.

Using the Impact font, which they’d previously used for much of their design work, I photographed an old copy of Shakespeare’s collected works and created a variety of grunge maps to create a distressed motion graphic treatment, cutting in confrontional clips of their work. The final video has a broken down, post-apocalyptic feel to it, which capitalised on the varying quality and formats of the source material, to create a found-footage aesthetic.

Finally, with editing and the promo in place, I authored a replication-ready DVD with menus and clips of three full productions that they’d provided.

Tasks included:

  • Video production
  • Editing & motion graphic design
  • DVD authoring

Folio details:

This folio was built using:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • Magnific Popup

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